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Your love wish list.

If you’ve taken my POP quiz and have read some of my advice, you already know that I believe that by envisioning the person of your dreams and writing down that person’s characteristics, you attract that person into your life. It is the law of attraction! The point of writing a wish list isn’t to limit the number of people with whom you might find attraction — it’s to help you focus on what’s important to you in a relationship so that you know when you meet someone who shares the same wish list. Sharing basic values and life goals is critical and yet it is something that easily goes out the window when things like physical attraction and romantic passion take over. Did you know that research shows that couples in arranged marriages share more affection and a stronger love over time compared to non-arranged marriages? The reason is because so much consideration was given in creating the match, presumably by the couple’s respective families. Passion didn’t get in the way of a decision made on commonalities such as religion, cultural perspective and long-term compatibility. We can have the best of both worlds. We can lay the groundwork to smartly define our perfect match, then once we meet someone who checks off those critical boxes, leave the rest up to chemistry.

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