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What makes it work
Tiffiani and Lou

Meet Tiffani and Lou, parents of three girls, including one with extreme special needs. Despite the sad fact that nearly 80% of marriages of parents with special needs children end in divorce, these two are thriving after 21 years. So, what makes it work? In some ways, it’s incredibly simple. They’ve got the basics covered. They have trust. There is no question in either of their minds that the other is 100% committed and will not stray. They share some cultural commonalities and perspective, having both grown up in the same geographic area in families with similar values, and they attended the same college. Their life goals are aligned. In their relationship and family life, each of their roles are defined by what they do best. And they support each other in those roles. They accept that not every day is a love fest, yet they keep the sparks flying enough that life remains fun. They actively care for each other and appreciate each other. They make a point to spend time together, even if that is just sitting together at the end of the day watching some TV. And perhaps that special X factor is that Lou makes Tiffani feel like she’s the most special person in the world, by the way he looks at her, talks to her and acts toward her. They have chemistry AND compatibility. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that every morning when the two wake up, he tells her she looks beautiful. C’mon, how cute is that?

Read about what makes it work in Tiffani’s own words here:

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