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Visualize your partner to draw him in.

Just like an athlete uses visualization to achieve victory on the sports field, you can use visualization to achieve success in the dating field! Really, you can! I ask my clients to do it all the time and it’s amazing how it speeds up the ticking clock. In fact, being able to envision your perfect match, I believe, is an essential step to attracting that perfect person into your life. So how do you get started? I spoke to Joyce Schwartz, life coach and author of the book The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life. I was fascinated to learn just how effective visualization could be in reaching the goals of what and who you want in your life. During my radio show interview with Joyce, we talked about getting in touch with your authentic yourself and the crucial role this plays in your vision board. On an intuitive level, you want to select images for your board that speak to your personality, lifestyle, passion and, of course, future. If you have spent some time working on your brand, this will come easier for you because it is, in many ways, the same thing. Ask yourself what images describe your brand. Do a Google image search, print them and cut them out. Find photos in books and magazines that attract you, even if you don’t know exactly why. Is it a Harley on an open road? Or a mom walking down the street with a baby stroller?

Next, identify the perfect person for you. Is the person of your dreams a professional, a musician, a yoga instructor? Will you be a couple on an adventure or reading a book together by a fire? Find images that resonate with your authentic self and that support your vision for the type of relationship that you desire. For your vision board, you can use pins, tape, glue — whatever you want (it’s your creative choice), but make sure that you only include images that reflect your true purpose. For example, if you see yourself with a tall, dark and handsome man, place this male image next to a photo of you on the board — not just the image of a cute guy standing alone!

Finally, add words and phrases to describe your intentions. These words and phrases become your affirmations each day. Are you looking for a person to spend the rest of your life with? Write that down. What lifestyle do you see living with this person? Write it down. List characteristics and values. Suddenly your future partner, and your future, start to come to life.

And seeing is believing. When you take your destiny into your own hands, that action attracts the right person into your life. To find out more about the art of visualization, I highly suggest checking out Joyce Schwartz’s website at

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