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The brand of you—know your brand, stand tall.

If you’ve read my advice on building confidence, you’re starting to feel more confident already. Now it’s time to better define yourself and who you want to be with.

Whether you know it or not, you present your own personal brand to every person you meet, each and every day. Just like McDonald’s, BMW and Apple have unique brand images, so do you! What’s more, people subconsciously form an impression of your brand instantly upon meeting you — in a three-second window. So what can you learn from the marketing industry to help your brand attract your target market (a.k.a. your potential mate) instantly? According to Beverly Palmer, a professor at California State University, a characteristic that drives instant attraction is charisma. And charisma is something everyone can attain because it comes from knowing yourself and being yourself — owning your brand. So how do you express charisma? First, define your brand. Are you the outgoing type? Fun, playful, lots of personality, perhaps a bit of a risk taker? If so, do your friends match your brand? How about your wardrobe, where you travel, the books and entertainment that you choose to frequent? Maybe you would describe yourself as more laid-back, casual and reserved? If this best describes you, how can your fashion express this, remain sexy and stay on par with your brand? The choices that you make from head to toe, from person to place, create your brand. And your brand speaks to and attracts like-minded people that you come into contact with — including your potential mate. So if you want to attract the right match that is truly compatible with you, own your brand every day, in everything you do and everywhere you go!

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