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Being a mom, wife, professional matchmaker, TV personality, author and producer can lead to some interesting days! Follow my diary as I share what's going on in my life.

A few months back I had a opportunity to take my three children to Orlando Florida to visit Disney World. I had never been there as a child or adult and have always wanted to go. My youngest being 7 has become a great travel companion, as well as old enough now to hop on a vast majority of the park rides. talullah I felt that this was a perfect time to treat the kids to 5 days of fun and sun. I grabbed my brother last minute to round out our party of 5.

My husband is spontaneous and open to a lot of things but theme parks is not on his to do list. The park was huge! It was difficult to decide where to begin and with so many options. We considered them all and voted where to begin keeping in mind that Unversal Orlando was a must see as well.

I loved the spacious parks and water between them all. However aside from the scenery being exceptional for a theme park, I was expecting the rides to either be identical to Disneyland or better. Considering this park came AFTER Disneyland, I just assumed that Disney World would be the new and improved version, right? Nope.

If you haven’t been there and are a child at heart like my brother and I are, you will be disappointed in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Undoubtedly, hands down the BEST ride in Anaheim. But this one lacked luster. The drop was half the size of the one at Disneyland leaving my stomach aching for a drop and it skipped the second drop all together. My favorite part of Pirates in Disneyland (Aside front the drop) is landing in the dark wet caverns while loud pirate music fills the caves. Here, there was no music -at least not til later on the ride where it took a conscious effort to discover it. It was also shorter then the crowd favorite back home.

Deflated we next headed to Thunder Mountain. We were pleasantly surprised to find that this ride was equal in it’s promise if not a tad bit better. Wish we could say the same for The Haunted Mansion.

Space Mountain wasn’t as good either. Again, disappointing in comparison. Space mountain is known for fast turns and sharp drops all while in total darkness with blasting space music in your headrest. At Disney World, we could see the tracks (yuk), it didn’t go fast enough (boo) and they LEFT OUT THE MUSIC??? What?

My kids never noticed the differences but my brother and I found ourselves now interested in the subtle differences of each and every ride. We didn’t know we were that invested in Disneyland!
All in all the food was fantastic and the crowds manageable. They served beer and wine- which helps, and your legs get plenty of exercise having multiple parks to discover.

The final day we made our way to Universal Orlando where the Harry Potter world was out of this world. It is built so well and with such realism that you truly feel you have planted yourself in the far remote setting itself.

The ride is AWESOME and may have been the favorite of the entire trip.
It was so much fun to explore these new places and it felt great to show my children a kids paradise that I only dreamed of as a child.

Perhaps the best part about this experience (for my brother and I) is to discover that when we have our next Disney fix, we only have to travel south a few hours as opposed to across the country to find the best rides Walt Disney has to offer!


This weekend I happen to be attending a wonderful wedding for a friend of mine in beautiful Park City Utah. “Jean” heads an extraordinary foundation for Sir. Richard Branson called Virgin Unite. As you can imagine her circle of friends are everyone from head’s of state to diplomats to an extraordinary group of women she has been close with for 20+ years. I attended this wedding weekend with mutual friends of the bride as well as my husband Nico.

I love going to weddings and seeing how each and every event has it’s own personal theme sprinkled with special details. weddingJean’s wedding was especially touching because the bride and the groom brought their guests into the ceremony itself. This was a Unbutu wedding! When I received the invitation I had never heard of an Unbutu theme before, so I immediately went to Google to try to get figure out what to wear! Little did I know it meant inclusiveness- WOW, I thought, this is going to be different… this definitely did not help me with the attire but it sounded like fun.

Archbishop Tutu quotes “My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in yours. We belong in a bundle of life. A person is a person through other persons.” This is Desmond Tutu’s definition of Unbutu and it was what Jean and her fiancé Chris were drawn to.

This wedding was particularly stunning, not only because of the uniqueness of theme but because we rode chair lifts up to the top of the stunning peeks of the Deer Valley mountains to witness the special vows. The sun was shinning bright, the beautiful bride was glowing in her element and her handsome groom was grinning ear to ear. The rings were passed around to each guest in Ubuntu fashion as we collectively sat in a circle together to bless the special union.

The evening was topped with a spectacular sunset, a full buffet of delicious food and fantastic dancing under the stars. The magic continued til the wee hours of the night and it was brilliant in every way.



I am exhausted but arrived at TED yesterday afternoon. Having gotten little sleep from my ski week with the family, only to be followed by Oscar weekend in LA, I can barely keep my eyes open!
But this is TED after all and I have always wondered what goes on behind these closed doors. I guess it’s good timing because they call this the “Oscars of Ideas.”
I am just going to soak it all up and pay attention to the details of how this conference really works.

Upon arriving, I have to take a deep breath and push reset. This is a different crowd and the whole vibe is totally unique to anything I’ve ever done before. I love that so many brilliant people, inventors and philanthropists come together each year to collaborate on ideas and try to make this planet a better place. I’m not sure of how I can contribute right away but word is there is a panel of discussion around the topic of Child and Sex Trafficking. Being a mom of three children and a step-parent of two more, my heart goes out to children that are victims of this terrible crime.

I recently donated my time for a charity called A New Day for Children on a website called Charity Buzz. They auctioned off my services to raise funds for this wonderful charity that helps victims. So at least I feel like I have a small toenail in the waters of change and hope.img-diary3

The first party was the opening bash held in the Aquarium in the harbor of Long Beach. This worked well for me because I am staying across the street at the Westin. My girlfriend who was kind enough to invite me to TED planted me at this hotel because she is a veteran of the conference and knows where all the action is. The Aquarium opening event must have had 700 people in it. We all have name tags and it is just one big social affair. You walk up to people, look down and their tag and start talking. Everyone is so nice and open to discussion.

Some people like myself are here for the first time, but most come each and every year. It’s only day two as I write this diary entry but I have already met some fascinating people.
I am going to pace myself but this is looking like it will be a productive week and one with lots to blog about…so stay tuned!


With a week off of school, my family decided we should take advantage of what little snow there still may be and drive up north to the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe.
My mother has a cute cabin in Incline Village and we normally ski and snowboard every year. That said, last year came and went so fast that we almost missed the season altogether! Needless to say, the kids were missing the snow and getting quite antsy to see it again. So we packed up the cars and I drove up with the kids, with my husband and our dog Jojo following a day behind us.

We had a wonderful time on the slopes at Diamond Peak Ski Resort. On the first day, my daughter Tallulah spontaneously decided that she wanted to try snowboarding instead of skiing so we went for it! I spent a fair share of my day trudging down the hill in my snow boots, desperately holding onto the back of Tallulah’s jacket as she slid down the bunny slopes screaming on her new snowboard. By midday, my back was so sore, but luckily she got the hang of it and I was finally able to stand upright and even got some time boarding on my own!img-diary1

That night my husband Nico and little dog JoJo arrived and we were all together again. When we woke up the next morning, there was fresh snow. The air was sweet and the sun was shining. (And it stayed that way for the next three days!) It was the perfect weather to make the most of our fun vacation.

By day four, my muscles were feeling pretty sore and I had to say goodbye to my darling family and head south for Los Angeles for work. It was really hard leaving them all in the cabin and in the most gorgeous setting. (The kids looked so cute in the snow!) The kids were having such a good time, Nico decided to stay another four days with them on his own. I hugged the family goodbye, got in my car, and headed south to Tinsel Town and the Oscars.


I must say that this was one of the most star-studded weekends of my entire life. I’ve been to some parties before and even worked at the well-known Roxbury back in the day-—which was all movie stars—but there is something about Oscar weekend that still gets me excited!

My weekend began with a private party at the Gagosian Gallery for an artist named Richard Prince “Cowboys.” The next night I went to the annual party for QVC, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. I don’t have a line of products with QVC yet but I would like to one day! The event itself was gorgeous. The tent was clear (as opposed to the typical white tent) so you could see the stars above. We saw some fun names on the QVC red carpet like Heidi Klum, Lisa Rinna and Nicole Richie. Great food, interesting people, and especially fun for me, because I got to hang out with my good friend Daniel Musto. Daniel is my stylist on Ready For Love and I had missed him terribly since we wrapped filming Season One in late summer.

The next morning, Cheryl Tiegs, a lovely friend of mine, invited me to the home of Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg for a picnic. The two hold a star-studded lunch each year hosted by Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair.

Everyone knows and loves Ms. Tiegs, so I just tagged along with her as we approached the “receiving line.” She was so gracious and introduced me to everyone. Before I knew it, I was sandwiched between Penny Marshall and the great (and very tan) George Hamilton. As I turned to get some shoulder room, I bumped right into Harvey Weinstein, who was talking to Steve Martin of course, and well…you get the picture.

This home setting was the quintessential Old Hollywood that one usually only reads about. A gigantic oak tree was the centerpiece of the yard and dozens of picnic tables with red and orange tulips awaited the guests under its magnificent shade. Cheryl and I socialized for a while longer and then made our way to the food line. We grabbed some really good grub and had a very nice lunch together.

The day was PERFECT in every way, but it wouldn’t have been complete without the legendary Warren Beatty, who out of nowhere appeared across the grass from me just before we left. I just watched him as he shook hands and said hi to all his good friends. You could tell that this party in particular was one that the stars had all become accustomed to. I must say Mr. Beatty capped this day off for me. It truly was Hollywood Royalty at its best.img-diary2

My weekend ended with a big bang. I attended the Fox Searchlight Oscar party and was able to meet my favorite director, Ang Lee, who won Best Director for Life Of Pi. If you haven’t seen this incredible movie yet, run to the theaters now! The movie also won for Visual Effects, and if you get a chance to see it in 3D you will understand why. It’s actually the only 3D movie that really works in my opinion! The music was the very best of any party that I have been to. Two cute women were the DJ’s and I wish I had asked who they were. It was SO good you never wanted to stop dancing.

I brought two friends with me, Todd Gallagher and Ann Turkel. Todd is making a film called Popular, of which I am a segment producer – it will be great, so keep an eye out for it! We had a fun night that lasted into the wee hours. The next morning I packed my bags and headed south once again—this time for TED.