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Put Your Cell Phone Away

When you finally get a date with the one that you’re interested in, don’t blow it up by upstaging them with your cell phone. There is a time and place for everything, and it’s important to remember that nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting at a table waiting for someone to get off the phone. It is rude and gives your date the feeling that someone else is more important than them. So do yourself and your date a favor and put the cell phone away for a couple of hours. You will survive, I promise.

If you are a parent and need to keep your phone close by, I suggest that you set a special ring tone for emergency calls. Tell your date ahead of time that if you hear a special ring you will need to answer your phone. Aside from that, however, he/she will have your undivided attention.

Finally, if you are the type that simply MUST check your email, Twitter, Instagram and phone calls (as I am), do yourself and your date a favor by excusing yourself and doing it in the restroom!

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