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Park City Utah Wedding

This weekend I happen to be attending a wonderful wedding for a friend of mine in beautiful Park City Utah. “Jean” heads an extraordinary foundation for Sir. Richard Branson called Virgin Unite. As you can imagine her circle of friends are everyone from head’s of state to diplomats to an extraordinary group of women she has been close with for 20+ years. I attended this wedding weekend with mutual friends of the bride as well as my husband Nico.

I love going to weddings and seeing how each and every event has it’s own personal theme sprinkled with special details. weddingJean’s wedding was especially touching because the bride and the groom brought their guests into the ceremony itself. This was a Unbutu wedding! When I received the invitation I had never heard of an Unbutu theme before, so I immediately went to Google to try to get figure out what to wear! Little did I know it meant inclusiveness- WOW, I thought, this is going to be different… this definitely did not help me with the attire but it sounded like fun.

Archbishop Tutu quotes “My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in yours. We belong in a bundle of life. A person is a person through other persons.” This is Desmond Tutu’s definition of Unbutu and it was what Jean and her fiancé Chris were drawn to.

This wedding was particularly stunning, not only because of the uniqueness of theme but because we rode chair lifts up to the top of the stunning peeks of the Deer Valley mountains to witness the special vows. The sun was shinning bright, the beautiful bride was glowing in her element and her handsome groom was grinning ear to ear. The rings were passed around to each guest in Ubuntu fashion as we collectively sat in a circle together to bless the special union.

The evening was topped with a spectacular sunset, a full buffet of delicious food and fantastic dancing under the stars. The magic continued til the wee hours of the night and it was brilliant in every way.


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