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Manners Matter

If you are visiting his family for the first time, mind your manners! You may think that this is simple and that his parents will automatically like you, but don’t be so sure. You would be surprised at how many people blow this important occasion.

Meeting the parents is serious business, and you are on display from the moment you walk in the door until after you leave. Like it or not you will be under scrutiny. We are all curious by nature; therefore it is human nature for family members to watch every move you make.

Always remember to say “please,” “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” No swearing, talking too loud, drinking too much or bad mouthing anyone. Keep in mind that how you treat your date and look at them tells the whole story. The amount of praise your date receives from you, or lack thereof, will show in your actions, facial expressions and in the words you choose to speak.

Remember also to leave any off-color stories or jokes at home. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, never, ever embarrass your date or shame them in front of their family and friends. His/her parents will judge their son/daughter by their choice of a mate, so do your best to make them proud.

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