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Hittin’ the slopes

With a week off of school, my family decided we should take advantage of what little snow there still may be and drive up north to the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe.
My mother has a cute cabin in Incline Village and we normally ski and snowboard every year. That said, last year came and went so fast that we almost missed the season altogether! Needless to say, the kids were missing the snow and getting quite antsy to see it again. So we packed up the cars and I drove up with the kids, with my husband and our dog Jojo following a day behind us.

We had a wonderful time on the slopes at Diamond Peak Ski Resort. On the first day, my daughter Tallulah spontaneously decided that she wanted to try snowboarding instead of skiing so we went for it! I spent a fair share of my day trudging down the hill in my snow boots, desperately holding onto the back of Tallulah’s jacket as she slid down the bunny slopes screaming on her new snowboard. By midday, my back was so sore, but luckily she got the hang of it and I was finally able to stand upright and even got some time boarding on my own!img-diary1

That night my husband Nico and little dog JoJo arrived and we were all together again. When we woke up the next morning, there was fresh snow. The air was sweet and the sun was shining. (And it stayed that way for the next three days!) It was the perfect weather to make the most of our fun vacation.

By day four, my muscles were feeling pretty sore and I had to say goodbye to my darling family and head south for Los Angeles for work. It was really hard leaving them all in the cabin and in the most gorgeous setting. (The kids looked so cute in the snow!) The kids were having such a good time, Nico decided to stay another four days with them on his own. I hugged the family goodbye, got in my car, and headed south to Tinsel Town and the Oscars.

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