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Find your confidence, find your match.

Ask any man or woman what traits they find attractive in a potential love interest and, without a doubt, one of the first words you will hear is “confidence.” Some people are born confident, but most achieve it over time. The problem is that if you are itching to fall in love but are riddled with insecurities, this self doubt will in no doubt be your roadblock. Here are some tips to eliminate self doubt and attract the ONE.

Confidence is key. It’s what makes you sexy. To get in touch with your sexy side, start by identifying things that you know you are good at. Write them down on a piece of paper. Consider hobbies, talents, accolades. What do you enjoy doing? Can you think of anything that you are passionate about? If not, write down what you would LIKE to be doing. What would you LIKE to excel in? Have you done anything to put yourself in a position to achieve this? There is always room for self-growth and for self-improvement. For example, if you are a lousy cook, have you considered taking a cooking class? If you don’t know how to apply sexy makeup for a night out on the town, have you met with a free makeup artist at your local department store? How about a sport that you have always wanted to play — have you taken a lesson? Pick a subject that interests you, and chances are there is a class or an individual who can help you go from an insecure wannabe to a confident master in no time. Knowledge builds confidence. The more you know, the more you will trust in yourself. And with this new self-assurance, you’ll be confident in no time! Remember, don’t look for others to define you. Confidence only comes from within — so get out there and start building your bridge today.

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