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Don’t Play Games

Do not trick or manipulate a man in order to force a compliment. Some women may think pretending that another man is into them will ultimately help to attract the one they want, but the truth is that this practice is risky business and is dishonest. We know for sure that game playing attracts “players,” so trying to trick someone into liking you is always a bad idea.

It is important that you present yourself for who you are. If you are reduced to manipulating someone into wanting to date a false version of yourself, you may win the battle but lose the war in the end. Deception is a poor foundation for a healthy relationship. This is why matchmaking works so much better than online dating.

Lies never work. Even if your lie happens to work the first time you will only find yourself lying again and again. You are basically building a relationship on a house of cards. One exposed lie and it all comes tumbling down. Be true to yourself, stay honest and always be genuine. If he’s the right one he’ll fall in love with the “real you,” flaws and all.

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