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Disney World

A few months back I had a opportunity to take my three children to Orlando Florida to visit Disney World. I had never been there as a child or adult and have always wanted to go. My youngest being 7 has become a great travel companion, as well as old enough now to hop on a vast majority of the park rides. talullah I felt that this was a perfect time to treat the kids to 5 days of fun and sun. I grabbed my brother last minute to round out our party of 5.

My husband is spontaneous and open to a lot of things but theme parks is not on his to do list. The park was huge! It was difficult to decide where to begin and with so many options. We considered them all and voted where to begin keeping in mind that Unversal Orlando was a must see as well.

I loved the spacious parks and water between them all. However aside from the scenery being exceptional for a theme park, I was expecting the rides to either be identical to Disneyland or better. Considering this park came AFTER Disneyland, I just assumed that Disney World would be the new and improved version, right? Nope.

If you haven’t been there and are a child at heart like my brother and I are, you will be disappointed in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Undoubtedly, hands down the BEST ride in Anaheim. But this one lacked luster. The drop was half the size of the one at Disneyland leaving my stomach aching for a drop and it skipped the second drop all together. My favorite part of Pirates in Disneyland (Aside front the drop) is landing in the dark wet caverns while loud pirate music fills the caves. Here, there was no music -at least not til later on the ride where it took a conscious effort to discover it. It was also shorter then the crowd favorite back home.

Deflated we next headed to Thunder Mountain. We were pleasantly surprised to find that this ride was equal in it’s promise if not a tad bit better. Wish we could say the same for The Haunted Mansion.

Space Mountain wasn’t as good either. Again, disappointing in comparison. Space mountain is known for fast turns and sharp drops all while in total darkness with blasting space music in your headrest. At Disney World, we could see the tracks (yuk), it didn’t go fast enough (boo) and they LEFT OUT THE MUSIC??? What?

My kids never noticed the differences but my brother and I found ourselves now interested in the subtle differences of each and every ride. We didn’t know we were that invested in Disneyland!
All in all the food was fantastic and the crowds manageable. They served beer and wine- which helps, and your legs get plenty of exercise having multiple parks to discover.

The final day we made our way to Universal Orlando where the Harry Potter world was out of this world. It is built so well and with such realism that you truly feel you have planted yourself in the far remote setting itself.

The ride is AWESOME and may have been the favorite of the entire trip.
It was so much fun to explore these new places and it felt great to show my children a kids paradise that I only dreamed of as a child.

Perhaps the best part about this experience (for my brother and I) is to discover that when we have our next Disney fix, we only have to travel south a few hours as opposed to across the country to find the best rides Walt Disney has to offer!

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