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Can you really meet someone online?

Let’s talk mathematics. Two and a half billion people are on the Internet. Everyone is online. And so naturally it has become a place for people with common interests to meet. Even common interests like romance. Yes, 25% of couples say they met online — an astoundingly high number. Once there was a stigma attached to Internet dating. It could be seen as desperate. That has all changed. Now it’s just practical. It’s efficient. And it works. What’s great about online dating is that you know so much more about someone before you even meet. It used to be you might not find out “make or break” information about someone, such as whether they want children, until after several dates. Now it’s right on their profile! I’m not saying you can judge chemistry from a profile, but you can sure identify a pool of people with whom you share common interests and values and even a shared religion. Now all you have to do is meet and see if sparks fly. Of course, the only drawback of meeting someone online is that they could be untruthful about everything from their height and income to what they do for a living and even their marital status. The name of the game is to be positive and yet very careful. Make a rule to have a written exchange for a week while you ask questions and get to know more about someone, and then have a phone call before meeting in person. (You can tell a lot from someone’s voice.) And, of course, be accurate and truthful about yourself on your profile. The best way to attract your perfect match is to be yourself from the get go.☺

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