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Body Language

Did you know that women touch and play with their hair when they feel self-conscious on a date?

Did you know that men touch their clothes? It’s true. If you pay attention you will catch him fixing a button, wiping lint off his shirt or touching his jeans as he approaches you.

Do you know what your body is saying about you when you are on a date? Whether you realize it or not, your body language says a lot about how you are feeling towards your date. And it can equally tell you what your date is thinking about you. Our body reflects how we feel, so paying attention to these messages gives you the upper hand when it comes to dating! The more you like someone, the more self-conscious you get, and it’s fun to track what your body language is saying.

Here are some telling signs that are easy to catch:

Is your body leaning in towards your date? Is your date’s body facing you, or are they leaning out and away from you? Are your arms crossed? If so, this is a sign that you are not sure about them. If they are open, you are inviting them to come closer.

Is your date giving you direct eye contact, or is he/she glancing across the room? Is he/she fidgety or relaxed in their chair; i.e, looking at their watch, cell phone or making excuses to leave soon?

The next time you go out, see how body language affects you and how you can consciously show affection if you like someone without showing too much.

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