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Body Language For Women

Women use their bodies to send messages, whether consciously or not, especially in the presence of men. Your signal tells your date not only what you’re thinking but also how you are feeling.

Eye contact is the most direct means of flirting and establishing contact. A quick glance indicates curiosity, but a second glance indicates interest! So ladies, when you’re at a bar or party don’t be coy – just a strong, 3-second glance will make a man wonder what hit him! After that, however, let him come to you.

Once the conversation starts flowing, don’t feel like you need to stare deeply into his eyes to make sure he knows you’re interested. Looking down or quickly glancing away shows that you’re a bit nervous, which means you care! The same goes for twirling your hair, which also shows that you are a bit nervous but lets the man know you like him. Just don’t go crazy with the hair twirling. You want it to enhance your femininity, not distract from it. Being nervous is perfectly understandable, but try not to fidget or tap your feet – the guy will interpret this as boredom.

Women, what body language cues do men subconsciously give out? When a woman a man finds attractive walks into a bar or party, he will instinctively part his lips. Think of it as a more subtle form of jaw dropping, but it still conveys the same message! Also, as much as men try to keep their macho status intact, they get nervous too! Like a woman glancing down often, men often button and unbutton their jackets and fidget a bit. This is a form of primping, and is a strong sign that he’s interested!

All of this information may seem overwhelming as there are a lot of little cues to balance. And the last thing I’d want you to do is second guess your natural behavior. These are simply small tips and insight into our behavior. Use them to help convey the message you want to send out, and to better determine if the person across from you is interested.

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