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Body Language For Men

As a professional matchmaker, I’ve seen plenty of successful first dates that lead to lasting relationships. I’ve also seen many that fizzle and never make it to a second date. The number one tip I always tell my clients is to read the signs by paying attention to body language!

Guys, don’t be discouraged if on a first date a woman isn’t making direct eye contact. Most men think that if a woman isn’t staring deep into his eyes on a first date it means she isn’t interested, when often times it is the exact opposite! When a woman looks slightly down and seems uncomfortable locking eyes, it can mean she is every interested but nervous.

Women are usually more shy than men on first or second dates. The lack of eye contact is often a woman trying not to show her deep interest too soon. Don’t lose faith if your date can’t make direct eye contact the whole time. Many times I’ve seen my male clients misinterpret the signs, when in fact the woman was incredibly interested.

Another important moment when it comes to reading body language comes at the end of the date – the goodnight. A goodnight kiss or hug is obviously a nice ending to a date, but pay attention to her body. When you hug, are you two pulled close with your hearts touching? Or is her heart pulled away a bit, with her back a big concave? We open our hearts to those we feel closest with, so a hug with hearts pressed tight is a great sign of things to come!

Similarly, you can take notice of body language signs throughout your date. Is a woman holding something (a menu, a drink, her crossed arms) in front of her chest while speaking to you? Is she facing you straight on, or is she turned away slightly? Trying to hide her heart from you may be a subconscious way of her saying “this isn’t quite right for me.” However, a woman with an open heart is showing that she feels at ease around you and, most importantly, that she is interested in you!

The signs are there if you know where to look. Now that you know what to look for, gentlemen, get out there and read the signs!

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