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My Notes


At the TED talks

I am exhausted but arrived at TED yesterday afternoon. Having gotten little sleep from my ski week with the family, only to be followed by Oscar weekend in LA, I can barely keep my eyes open!
But this is TED after all and I have always wondered what goes on behind these closed doors. I guess it’s good timing because they call this the “Oscars of Ideas.”
I am just going to soak it all up and pay attention to the details of how this conference really works.

Upon arriving, I have to take a deep breath and push reset. This is a different crowd and the whole vibe is totally unique to anything I’ve ever done before. I love that so many brilliant people, inventors and philanthropists come together each year to collaborate on ideas and try to make this planet a better place. I’m not sure of how I can contribute right away but word is there is a panel of discussion around the topic of Child and Sex Trafficking. Being a mom of three children and a step-parent of two more, my heart goes out to children that are victims of this terrible crime.

I recently donated my time for a charity called A New Day for Children on a website called Charity Buzz. They auctioned off my services to raise funds for this wonderful charity that helps victims. So at least I feel like I have a small toenail in the waters of change and hope.img-diary3

The first party was the opening bash held in the Aquarium in the harbor of Long Beach. This worked well for me because I am staying across the street at the Westin. My girlfriend who was kind enough to invite me to TED planted me at this hotel because she is a veteran of the conference and knows where all the action is. The Aquarium opening event must have had 700 people in it. We all have name tags and it is just one big social affair. You walk up to people, look down and their tag and start talking. Everyone is so nice and open to discussion.

Some people like myself are here for the first time, but most come each and every year. It’s only day two as I write this diary entry but I have already met some fascinating people.
I am going to pace myself but this is looking like it will be a productive week and one with lots to blog about…so stay tuned!

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